A Quick Look at Assignment Scaffolding

Assignment scaffolding can be a helpful way to break down large assignments so that they are more manageable for students. Scaffolding gives students with different learning styles a broad view of an assignment and splits it into manageable pieces so that students can determine the best way to approach the work. Using scaffolding in a […]

How Orinda Academy Supports Student Success

At Orinda Academy, we’re invested in the success of every student in our private college prep school. Every student gets the personalized attention he or she needs to succeed in the classroom at our school and beyond. Watch this video to find out about the programs Orinda Academy has to help students excel. Our smaller […]

The Importance of Health Education and How Parents Can Help

Although a college prep curriculum is focused on things like science, math, and foreign language, health education never stops being important. A comprehensive health education curriculum gives students the tools to care for themselves for life. Achieving academic success is closely tied to staying healthy, and students need the educational tools to prioritize their well-being […]

Building The Skateboard

REDEEM: To compensate or make amends for the faults or bad aspects of something or someone. To buy back. I had this pallet lying around my house for some time. It had been used and discarded. It had no purpose anymore, so I decided to give it a new purpose. I pulled it apart, piece […]

Photoshop Tutorials – Overlay Graphic on Peeling Paint

Photoshop Tutorials – Overlay Graphic on Peeling Paint

So if you’re anything like me, you see an image like this one here, and you think, “I want to do more stuff like that!” Well, let me walk you through a very simple process that I used to overlay my logo graphic on peeling paint image. 1. Get Your Peeling Paint Image Ready Before […]

Local WordPress Installation Automated

Local WordPress Installation Automated

What if installing WordPress locally was as easy as using the installer script from the control panel with your web hosting? That would be nice. Well, I don’t know what options exist for this, but I’ve written a shell script to make this supper easy. Local WordPress installation made easy! All I have to do now […]

WordPress Featured Image URL

I love WordPress. I also love utilizing WP’s Featured Image or Thumbnail Image for developing themes and site. Sometimes, I want to take advantage of the fact that WordPress has already resized the images on the server, but I’d like to use the image URL for purposes such as using the image as a background […]

Mobile Friendly Padding

Mobile Friendly Padding

Responsive design is everything these days. We’ve gotta do it. How many times though have you scaled down the page and find it frustrating to work with left-right padding or margins to keep the content off of the edge of the page. If you add padding to your element, you have to change the width, […]