The Importance of Health Education and How Parents Can Help

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Although a college prep curriculum is focused on things like science, math, and foreign language, health education never stops being important. A comprehensive health education curriculum gives students the tools to care for themselves for life. Achieving academic success is closely tied to staying healthy, and students need the educational tools to prioritize their well-being to achieve good health. Here is a look at why your student’s health classes are as important as the rest of his or her schedule and how you can help to ensure that your child learns about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why Health Education Matters
Health education is one of the most immediately applicable subjects your student will study. He or she can leave health class and use the information he or she learned there right away. In health class, students gain important knowledge about nutrition, first aid, disease prevention, and safety. They learn about mental health, the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, and reproductive health and safety.

In health class, your student will learn about symptoms that they should report to you, how to eat a balanced diet so that he or she can make smart food choices, and why experimenting with drugs could put his or her future in jeopardy. These lessons aren’t just an investment in academic success but in life as well.

How Parents Can Help
You can help your student reap the rewards of health education by reiterating the importance of his or her health classes and by being an advocate in the school for including health education in the curriculum. You can also talk to your student about health issues on an ongoing basis at home to reinforce school lessons and to show him or her that you value a healthy lifestyle.

Orinda Academy offers a rich college prep curriculum at our private school in Orinda that includes health and physical education classes. Is our school the right fit for your child? Visit our campus or call (925) 254-7553 for more information.

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