Meet the Team

Jason Todd

Owner, Developer

Owner, Developer - Owner, Developer

Hi, I’m Jason. I started this business back in 2012 out of a love to design and develop sites. When I’m not writing code or working with Photoshop, I’m hanging out with my beautiful wife and our four kids.

Rachel Todd


Designer - Designer

Hello, I’m Rachel. I help out with web and graphic design, but I don’t speak computer. Aside from homeschooling our four crazy kids, I like to create gluten-free recipes and post them on my blog.

Custom Designs

Here at three17design, we thrive on uniqueness and individuality. We don’t like limiting ourselves to any kind of format – let the creativity fly!  That being said, we love to use assets such as WordPress. We’ve invested into knowing how to make WordPress work for us in the context of our designs so that you can get the most out of your site with an easy to use interface.

Take a look at our web and graphic design and see if it sparks your imagination. Then contact us and we’ll see to it that what’s in your head comes to life whether it’s on the screen, paper, t-shirts, or whatever!

To help make our creative designs come alive, we use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, as well as Sublime Text with confidence and pride.

We Aim to Please

As entrepreneurs, our goal is to make a product that will please our clients and put food on our table. But we don’t stop there! As servants of the King, who gave us our talents, we aim to please Him in everything we do.

Our company is named after our motto: Colossians 3:17. Because we are ultimately working for God, you can trust that our work for you will be done to the best of our ability.