A Quick Look at Assignment Scaffolding

College Prep School Orinda

Assignment scaffolding can be a helpful way to break down large assignments so that they are more manageable for students. Scaffolding gives students with different learning styles a broad view of an assignment and splits it into manageable pieces so that students can determine the best way to approach the work. Using scaffolding in a college prep curriculum helps students develop the tools to tackle university-level work after graduation.

Assignment scaffolding is all about breaking work down into smaller steps. For instance, if a student has to write a research paper, the assignment may be scaffolded by breaking things into smaller goals, including a topic selection, research, thesis statement, first draft, revisions, and final drafts. Each step of the scaffold accomplishes one step of the project and creates a framework for the next stage.

We teach assignment scaffolding in our study skills class at Orinda Academy to give students in our college prep school the tools they need for academic success. For more information about our school in Orinda, please call (925) 478-4504.

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