• Date:

    August 17, 2014

  • Description:

    Custom Wordpress Blog Design for a Recipes Web Site - Fully Responsive with intuitive User Interface.

Raia’s Recipes

I am a bit partial to this custom WordPress blog design as it is my wife’s recipe Blog. She often comes up with really creative design concepts for herself. With this site design we did a lot of collaboration.Raias-Recipes-Wordpress-Blog-Custom-Design

It was an exciting challenge to formulate a UI for readers that is visually stunning as well as quick and easy to maneuver. I believe that we were able to accomplish both of these tasks. She blogged before with Blogger, but I was able to convince her of the value of switching to a WordPress site. We definitely didn’t forget the 50+% of readers who are reading Raia’s Recipes on their mobile devices. That’s why the entire site design is fully responsive and functions flawlessly on phones and tablets alike.

Raias Recipes - Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Custom Design 2     Raias Recipes - Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Custom Design